Bjorn the Skald

We have the great honor of having Bjorn the Skald, The Greatest Story Teller coming to our Yule Festival. He was Born in Stavanger, Norway during the time of remembrance of the ancestors. The ancestors and the Old Gods gifted him with the tongue of Bragi, the whit of Loki,the wisdom of Odin and the heart of Thor.
He has spent his life and upbringing in the old ways walking with the Asiers . The stories and Edda's he brings are that of the old world. He was guided by his beautiful grandmother and taught the old ways. He is not an actor he is a true skald.
He brings knowledge that was thought to have been lost. He knows the true stories and legacies our ancestors left for us.
He speaks in some riddles and rhymes. He has a gift unlike any others.
Because of his upbringing he choices to keep the old ways alive. We are truly lucky to have such a gifted story teller to entertain and educate us. He will remind you of the great Norse King Ragnar and even the great Floki. His charismatic style will have you hanging on to his every word.