Skadi’s Forest Kids area

We of Uppsala Events are committed to a family friendly event. Therefore we have created an entire area for the little Vikings. This area has free traditional yule tales from Norway, Iceland and The Scandinavian regions. These are funny short stories that will delight all ages.
We will also have a mesmerizing bubble show that is brought by the very talented Ace Elarado . She will be doing bubble wonderment as well as teaching the history of bubbles.
We also have the magical Skadi's winter forest. This enchanted area is where your little Vikings for a small fee of $20 can spend 30 minutes making yule ornaments and crafts. During that 30 minutes you can have a restful break close by at the mead and cigar area if you choose.
There will be free traditional skill building games for the little Berserkers and Shield Maidens to learn traditional Norse daily life skills.
We will be adding more as we get closer to the event.