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Join Us as a Volunteer at the Uppsala Yule Viking Festival!

Welcome to Uppsala Events, where Viking heritage meets community spirit! Step into a world of adventure and camaraderie by volunteering with us at the Uppsala Yule Viking Festival.

Why Volunteer With Us?

Discover the magic of our festivals while making a meaningful impact. As a volunteer, you’ll not only help bring our events to life but also create unforgettable memories alongside a passionate community.

What You’ll Experience:

Immersive Atmosphere: Dive into Viking culture and enjoy being part of a unique festival experience.
Friendly Environment: Join a team that values inclusivity and fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all.
Rewarding Contributions: Your efforts directly contribute to the success of our festivities and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Ready to Join the Adventure?
Become a part of our vibrant volunteer team today!

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